New and Improved Login Audit Trails

Published: September 25th, 2010

LuxSci has revised its user interface for accessing the audit trails of user logins, the “Activity Auditing Reports” area.  Additionally, LuxSci has added new reports for reviewing:

  • Unsuccessful POP logins
  • Unsuccessful IMAP logins
  • Unsuccessful SMTP logins / rejected SMTP connections
  • Successful FTP logins
  • Unsuccessful FTP logins
  • Successful SFTP / SCP /SSH logins
  • Unsuccessful SFTP / SCP /SSH logins

These new auditing reports are in addition to the reports that were already available:

  • Successful POP logins
  • Successful IMAP logins
  • Successful SMTP logins
  • Successful Web Interface logins
  • Unsuccessful Web Interface logins
  • Record of email messages sent from WebMail, SMTP, and web server
  • Successful LDAP logins

The updates that we have made result in our audit trails being very comprehensive.

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