September 29th, 2009

Widgets: Address Books, Calendars & Tasks

LuxSci’s Widgets just got better.  With this latest release, users can now access shared and/or personal calendars, address books, and tasks as widgets in any page of LuxSci, via custom hotkeys, and via their phone in our “Mobile Mode“.

All of these WebAide Widgets now support:

  • Viewing all entries on one of more address book, calendar, tasks, or links WebAides
  • Creating new entries “on the fly”
  • Deleting entries “on the fly”
  • Sorting or paging through entries
  • Automatic updates of the widget content when it has changed — i.e. when others have added, edited, or deleted entries in the same calendar, address book, links, or task list WebAide that you are viewing.

With these updates, you can access your personal and shared corporate information:

  • Quickly and easily from any LuxSci member’s web page using custom hot keys
  • Quickly and easily from you mobile device by using our “Mobile Mode” interface
  • In a custom simplified and target format via your own Widgets.

If your mobile device has Internet access and a good web browser (i.e. like iPhone, Android, Palm Pre) there really is no need to “synchronize” your personal information with these devices anymore — you can just quickly and simply access and manage this information via Widgets in our member’s web site, which will render itself in “Mobile Mode” for you to make access from your mobile device simple and clean.

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