June 1st, 2009

Control Disk Space Usage on a per-Domain Basis

LuxSci has expanded its administrative disk space usage controls to domains.  Administrators can now optionally impose hard disk space limits on a per-domain basis, such that all users in a domain are suspended from using more space once the total space used by the domain reaches a pre-defined limit.

By default, each LuxSci account has an overall disk space limit.  If that limit is exceeded, the account holder will pay “as you go” for supplemental disk space.  Individual users and domains are not limited by disk usage.  Account administrators who want to control their user’s usage have the option to put arbitrary usage limits on selected users and/or on the total usage by all users in a domain. When a disk space limit is reached, services for the affected users are partially suspended so as to limit the additional use of space: Inbound email is deferred, sent email is not saved, FTP access is suspended,  new WebAide entries cannot be created, etc.

With the addition of new domain-wide disk space limit options, LuxSci is adding these new reports for administrators:

  • The current total disk space by each domain
  • The maximum disk space used by each domain for the current month, and for any month in the last year.
  • The detailed disk space usage for each domain over the last 30 days

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