September 24th, 2006

New Email Folder Features

LuxSci has released all new IMAP and POP Server software that provides the following new benefits to our clients:

  • Unlimited folder sizes: Each email folder can now be of any size; LuxSci no longer limits individual email folders to being at most 2GB in size.
  • Unlimited messages in folders: Email folders can hold any number of email messages.
  • Performance for large folders: Folders that are very large and/or that have very many email messages in them will no longer be slow to access and use. While small folders will always be faster than large folders to some degree, accessing large folders is now very fast. Note – this is no excuse to be lazy!
  • Folders within Folders: LuxSci now supports email folders that can contain both messages and other email folders. Even your INBOX can now have arbitrary sub-folders. Previously, users who wanted a hierarchical folder organization had to create special "directories" that could contain folders and directories but which could not themselves contain messages. These directories are no longer necessary.
  • UIDPlus: LuxSci’s IMAP and POP servers now support the special "UIDPlus" extension that allows email clients to optimize some operations and which makes synchronization of online and offline copies of your email message stores simpler and more reliable for your email clients.

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