December 15th, 2008

New Feature: Remove Attachments From Email

After many requests, LuxSci has added a new action to its custom email filtering tools.  This action allows you to strip all attachments from messages matching your specific criteria.  You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Strip attachments and then immediately forward the message to other email addresses or mobile devices, or
  • Strip attachments and then use other custom filters to determine what happens to the modified message.

Strip and Forward

The "Forward Email Message" action allows you to forward messages to one or more email addresses, or to a mobile device by its phone number. We have added a checkbox for "Strip Attachments".  Checking this will remove all attachments from the message before forwarding. Stripping attachments before forwarding is ideal if you are forwarding messages to a mobile device like a Blackberry, which has limited storage, or which does not handle large messages well.  You can read all of the message’s original content in the forwarded message, and go back to LuxSci to get the full message with attachments later, if needed.

Just Strip

LuxSci’s custom email filtering solution allows you to string together several different filters to perform complex actions.  With that in mind, you can create a rule that merely strips the attachments from a message and then passes the message on to the rest of your filters for further processing. As an example of how this can be extremely useful, lets say that you want: "To save messages from a specific mailing list saved to a backup folder without attachments".  This can be done easily by:

  1. Make a filter to detect messages from your mailing list and to remove attachments from them
  2. Make another filter to detect messages from your mailing list and to save these to a specific folder.

Clearly, you could combine many different types of actions and criteria to create unique and specific scenarios.

What Actually Gets Stripped?

The "Strip Attachments" feature will remove all of the following things from email messages, replacing them with a descriptive notice of why they have been removed:

  • All message parts that are not plain text or html or "forwarded message attachments"
  • All parts that specifically indicate that they are "attachments"
  • Any plain text part that is either very large, or which is clearly an attached plain text file.
  • Any HTML part that has a corresponding plain text part with the same content in the message.

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