January 14th, 2010

New Features: Email Folder Widget

LuxSci has added many new features to the email folder display widget.  The email folder widget is available to all LuxSci customers whose email is hosted with LuxSci.  This widgets can be added to any workspace so that the contents of any email folders, even shared ones, can be viewed and managed along side other information such as address books, calendars, notes, file storage areas, blogs, custom widgets, etc.

The email folder widget has been updated to include:

  • Check boxes for selecting individual email messages
  • Commands that allow you to perform actions on the messages:
    • Reply
    • Reply to all
    • Forward
    • Forward as attachment
    • Archive
    • Delete
    • Flag / Unflag
    • Mark as Read / Mark as Unread
    • Mark as Spam
    • Add to Addressbook
  • Use an optional icon toolbar to access many of these functions quickly
  • Customize the title of the widget

All of these commands execute seamlessly over AJAX so that you can manage your email folder from the widget without having to go to the full WebMail user interface for most actions.

Additionally, you can assign a “hot key” to your email folder widget(s) so you can check the folder contents and/or perform any of these actions from any page of the LuxSci web interface, at the press of a key.

Email folder widgets are a provide fast, slick, mini-WebMail interface that you can put on any customizable page and which you can access from anywhere.  Email folder widgets also work well in Mobile Mode — so you can manage your email folders from your mobile devices without having to use the full WebMail interface or the simplified Xpress portal.

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