November 20th, 2012

New Infrastructure for Premium Server Accounts

Over the next few months, LuxSci will be migrating all of the servers in its “Premium Environment” to a new and improved hardware infrastructure.

The new infrastructure will be similar to the current Premium Environment, e.g. it will still contain:

  • Extremely high quality server hardware at RackSpace
  • Redundant, powerful hardware firewalls and load balancers
  • Very fast networking
  • Very fast disk subsystems
  • No over-allocation of customers on resources
  • HIPAA Compliance options
  • Excellent SLA

Our new Premium  Server Environment will provide complete resilience against hardware failures.  Yes, WebMail and inbound email filtering run on many servers and are load balanced.  However, currently, your email server and web server, and certain database servers do not benefit from high availability.  This means that while your account runs on high quantity hardware and while backups are made, a hardware failure (e.g. a ram chip going bad) can cause the server to fail and be offline while it is replaced.  This kind of downtime is rare, but it has happened at LuxSci over the last few years (as it is inevitable with any provider).

What’s New?

The new Premium Environment insulates your services from downtime due to hardware failure by implementing technologies that:

  1. Separate your server from the underlying physical hardware (available now)
  2. Allow your server to run on any number of different physical machines and to move between machines instantly should the need arise (e.g. in the case of hardware maintenance or hardware failure (available soon)

Things like:

  • Failed CPU, motherboards, memory, and disk controllers
  • Server downtime due to hardware upgrades

will no longer have any impact on your server uptime — your web sites, databases, and email will keep on humming without anyone (except us) knowing that anything is happening.

By the Way — No Charge!

These infrastructure upgrades are going to be made without affecting the price of services for any existing or new customers.  Better service and more peace of mind for no additional cost.


These upgrades and migrations are going to occur during December 2012 and January 2013.  There will be some scheduled downtime associated with the changes as servers are moved and/or data is migrated; this will be announced in our regular internal maintenance channels and will also be posted on the LuxSci Status Blog.

If you have any questions, please make a Support Ticket.


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