March 11th, 2010

New LuxSci Features

LuxSci has released a number of new features in the past few weeks.  These include:

  • Bulk User Edit: A new “bulk user edit” wizard has been added to the account administration area.  This tool allows administrators to update certain properties of many users at once.  The user properties that can be currently edited in bulk include:
    • Timezone
    • Primary Language
    • Hard disk space limit
    • Enable / Disable user
    • Require user to change password on next login
  • SecureSend Prefilled Recipient Lists: Users of LuxSci’s SecureLine end-to-end email encryption service together with LuxSci’s Private Labeling service have a branded “SecureSend” portal that permits anyone to login and send LuxSci SecureLine users secure email messages for free.  Now, account administrators also have the option to configure their customized SecureSend portal to include a pre-configured list of recipient names/addresses.  While it always was the case that a recipient’s email address was displayed in a dropdown list after the fact, we’ve made it even easier!  People logging in to SecureSend to send email messages, can now choose the message recipient (i.e. instead of having to manually enter the recipient’s email address).
  • Escrow Portal shows HTML Inline: Secure email messages picked up and viewed in the SecureLine Escrow portal now display HTML message content inline in the page.  Viewers no longer have to click on a link to see HTML content.  Less-readable plain text versions of that content are now suppressed.
  • Widget Backups and Restores: Users can now manually make their own backup copies of Notepad and Custom widgets using the “Backup” widget menu option.  These backup files can be restored at any time to recover the state of the Notepad or custom widget.  Note that LuxSci also makes automatic daily and weekly backups of the content of these widgets for you.
  • CSV Report Downloads: Most reports available to users and account administrators in the LuxSci web interface now include a “Download CSV File” link that can be used to download all available data into a comma separated variables (CSV) file (i.e. which can be opened easily in Excel).  This includes all activity auditing reports and many other reports as well.
  • Customized WebMail Splash Screen: Customers using LuxSci’s Private Labeling service for their WebMail interface can now replace the content of the “splash screen” that appears in the email message display area when users first go into WebMail with arbitrary HTML content.  The disk space usage information and help links displayed there by default can be replaced with any content that you like.
  • Look and Feel Updates: Many areas of the LuxSci web interface have been updated to bring a more consistent look and feel to all of the pages.  The SecureLine SecureSend and Escrow portals interfaces have also been updated to make them look and feel like the rest of LuxSci’s web interface.
  • Custom Widget Restrictions: Account administrators can now choose to restrict the adding/editing of custom widgets.  If you have security concerns about the use of custom widgets, you can restrict arbitrary users, administrators, or everyone from making and using them.  This settings can be found in the “Advanced Administration > Widgets” area of the LuxSci web interface.

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