March 24th, 2010

New Right-Click Context Menus in WebMail

LuxSci has updated its WebMail application to behave even more like a regular email program.  Now, users can right click on folders in the WebMail folder tree and on messages in the email message list.  The right clicks will bring up little pop-up context menus of actions that can be performed on the folder (i.e. share, delete, remove deleted messages, etc.) or on the message (i.e. view, reply, delete, etc.)

While the commands added can all be accessed in other ways — though menus or hot keys — their presence in right-click context menus makes access to them faster, more natural, and more like other access to similar functions in other programs.

LuxSci’s right-click context menus work in all FireFox, Internet Explorer v6+, Opera v10+, Safari, and Chrome.

In the future, we will be extending the use of these context menus to the WebAide interfaces (i.e. address books, calendars, tasks, etc.) and Widgets as well to provide more functionality with less clutter in the user interface.

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One Response to “New Right-Click Context Menus in WebMail”

  1. Updates to Right Clicking, Full Screen Mode, and Task List Widgets | LuxSci FYI Says:

    […] Right-Click Context Menus in WebAides: All WebAides (i.e. address books, calendars, tasks, etc.) now support right clicking on list entries and on the WebAides themselves to bring up a context menu of useful options — like “Delete WebAide”, “Subscribe to WebAide”, “Tag Entry”, etc.  This makes WebAide use simpler and more natural.  The WebMail interface already supports right-click context menus. […]

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