November 13th, 2008

New Service Status and Maintenance Reporting

LuxSci has made its maintenance window and service status information much more transparent and accessible to its users.  Previously, this information was simply posted to a blog on the members’ "welcome page".  Now the existence of important information is made visible to users on the welcome page, account administration page, and in the support tickets tool.   The support tickets area now has a new "Server Status" page that lists all notices related to:

  • Current system issues
  • Current system maintenance
  • Planned maintenance
  • Incident reports about previous issues
  • Completed maintenance

Only notices that pertain to a user’s account are displayed — if you see a notice, it applies to you. Historical notices will also be visible for much longer periods of time.

Additionally, the management of maintenance notices is now integrated with the list of users subscribed to LuxSci’s "news and notices".  Subscribers will now be automatically emailed notices of upcoming maintenance and selected other postings so that they can be apprised without needing to login to the LuxSci portal.

All of these changes make it much easier for LuxSci to give much more frequent and detailed information to its users about maintenance and related issues without this information detracting from the user experience.

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