July 24th, 2004

New WebAide Features

LuxSci WebAides have been updated with the following new features:

  • Search boxes now appear on many of the WebAide pages making it quick and easy to search the WebAide currently being viewed.
  • Users can now subscribe to WebAides. For users with access to many WebAides, subscribing those that you use allows you to hide the ones you do not use from view, simplifying your interface.
  • Subscribing to Address Books allows you to have consolidated access to multiple Address Books when composing email messages. This make it much easier to find addresses of interest, even if they are in different address books.
  • Subscribing to Address Books allows users of our basic anti-Spam service to white list all addresses in all subscribed Address Books at once, rather than merely the addresses in their default Address Book.
  • WebAide administrators can now delete all entries and categories in a WebAide, without deleting the web aide itself, from the General WebAide Administration page.

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