July 4th, 2004

New WebAides and WebAide Updates

LuxSci expands its Blog offerings with many new types of WebAides. These include:

  • Document Management: Store and share documents and files; use encryption and access control and tracking to ensure the privacy and security or your data.
  • Personal Notes: A simple and easy way to keep and view notes. Supports shared access control.
  • Secure Password Management: Securely store usernames, passwords and other details for all of your varied Internet accounts and logins. Supports shared access control and encryption.
  • Internet Link Management: Manage lists of links to Internet web sites. Supports shared access control.
  • User Groups: Build groups of users for simplified access control assignment and encryption.

WebMail has been updated to include two new commands in the “Other Options” menu:

  • Mark Unread: Use this command to mark selected messages as not yet read.
  • Mark As Spam: Available to basic anti-Spam users, this option deletes the selected messages and adds the sender(s) email addresses to your basic anti-Spam black list.

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