July 24th, 2004

New WebMail Features

LuxSci has introduced several new WebMail features:

  • The old WebMail Address Book has been replaced with the new more powerful WebAide Address Book. While composing messages in the full WebMail portal, you can access your new Address Book by clicking on the “Address Book” link or by clicking on the “To”, “Cc”, or “BCC” prompts. The new Address Book Selector tool will pop up allowing you to search and select addresses from all of your Address Books.
  • A new WebMail Preference allows you to automatically create entries in your Address Book for all recipients of email messages that you send from WebMail. This assists you in both remembering these email addresses and in white listing your common correspondents, if you use the “white list address book” feature of the basic anti-Spam tool.
  • The WebMail folder index page now shows the time a message was sent instead of the date it was sent for messages that were sent “today”.

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