August 28th, 2007

Optional Premium Email Filtering Features

LuxSci now offers “FailSafe” and “Continuity” options for its Premium Email Filtering service. FailSafe offers (a) automatic queueing of inbound email should your inbound servers be unavailable and (b) optional outbound filtering of email sent from your servers. Continuity offers (a) extended storage of queued email, and (b) WebMail-like access to queued email during your server downtime so that your users can still send and receive email messages.

LuxSci also now offers a “Budget” version of its Email Defense Premium Email Filtering Solution. The “Budget” version includes spam, content, and attachment filtering without virus and worm filtering at a lower price point for organizations who already have virus filtering on the client side and who are very cost conscious.

All four versions of our Email Defense Premium Email Filtering service, the regular version and the 3 variations above, can be purchased on our web site with new accounts or can be added to existing accounts.

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