October 9th, 2003

WebMail Login Updates

You now have the choice of logging into WebMail either securely over SSL (which you have until now been forced to do), or insecurely without SSL. This applies to both the Standard portal and to the Xpress portal. If you are on a very slow connection or find that SSL security makes WebMail access too […]

September 26th, 2003

Email Alias and Forwarding Enhancements

LuxSci has just implemented many enhancements to its Email Aliases and Email Forwarding tools: Email aliases can now be explicitly configured to delete all incoming email. Email aliases can now bounce all incoming email with a custom bounce error message The Email Alias tool now has more advanced search and selection facilities. The Email Alias […]

September 16th, 2003

Email Guard Feature Additions

Several new Email Guard features have been added: We have updated the Spam Report and Quarantine User Index pages to include updated options: There are new options for when end-users receive their Spam Quarantine Reports: Never, Every Day, Every Weekday, Every Monday, Monday & Friday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday. We added a Spam Exempt Users […]

September 15th, 2003

SMTP Proxy Servers

LuxSci has added a set of new servers whose sole purpose is to receive incoming Internet email for our clients and to perform all basic anti-Spam and custom email filtering before forwarding the messages on for delivery into the client accounts on separate servers. This has several benefits: 1. Your email server will not need […]

September 4th, 2003

HTML Messages in WebMail

LuxSci’s WebMail client has been updated for improved handling of email messages that are purely HTML, i.e. where the message body itself is HTML, as opposed to the message merely having HTML attachments. These types of pure HTML messages are now automatically detected and links are provided so that you can view the complete message […]