May 7th, 2009

Premium Email Archival Service Updates

This weekend, several enhancements to the Premium Message Archival service are being released.  These include:

  • Managed Import Service for extra-large historical data stores – We are introducing a new Managed Import Service for customers that need to import extra-large stores of historical data.  We will provide storage media, shipping, and take care of all data import for this optional service.
    • It is recommended that customers who do not have extra-large historical data stores continue to use the current complimentary method of importing historical data via a designated mail source or via our “your send us your DVDs” paid method.*
  • Enhanced activity reporting – New reports will be made available to Customer Administrators enabling them to view, search and download reports that detail all user searches, exports and message views in the Archival Portal.
  • User interface changes – The following changes to the Message Archiving screens are being made:
    • New Reports tab – Administrators will have quick access to Message Archiving-related reports via a new Reports tab that is being added to the service interface.
    • Historical Data Mail Source Indicator – Mail sources designated as Historical Data Mail Sources will be labeled as such on the Message Archiving Overview page.
    • Movable Search Results Preview Pane – Customer Administrators will be able to move the Search Results Preview window to the bottom or right side of the Control Console screen in order to optimize the user interface for a wide screen display.
    • New search tab names – The labels on two search tabs will change from “Search Criteria” to “Criteria” and from “Search Results” to “Results” in order to be consistent with the Reports area.
    • Increased duration for search sessions – The timeout period for message searches is being increased to 60 seconds.
    • New category name – The label “Retention Length” in the Message Archiving Summary will be changed to “Journaled Retention Length.”
    • The format for entering time parameters within message search queries will be changed to MM-DD-YYYY (example, 10-26-2008). For single digit months (January through September) or calendar days 1 through 9, the Message Archive system will accommodate the entry of a single number (1 through 9), instead of requiring a two-digit number for all months and days (example, 1/1/2009 for January 1, 2009).
    • Seconds have been removed from the message search results grid and from statistics in the Message Archiving Summary pane. Time will be formatted in those areas as day/m/dd/yyyy/hh:mm/AM-PM (example, Mon. 5/11/2009 12:04 PM).

* If you have many PST files that you would like to import into the historical archives and do not want to perform the import process manually (copying all the email to  a server-side IMAP folder), you can send us this data on CDs or DVDs and we will import it for you for $100/GB.  If you have many GB of data, this new feature will allow us to send you external hard drives for storage and shipping of this data.  Please contact Sales if you are interested in a price quote of this.

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