November 5th, 2007

Premium Email Filtering Addresses Attachment-Based Spam

A proprietary "Deep Content Analysis" filter has been added to our "Email Defense" Premium Email Filtering solutions. This anti-spam filter targets attachment-based spam variations, specifically PDF spam. PDF spam is the latest generation of image spam, which uses graphics instead of other masking techniques to conceal an unsolicited advertisement’s call to action.

When: The inclusion of this effective filter has been seamlessly integrated and has already begun protecting customers of LuxSci Email Defense. As a result, there are no service outages or visual changes to the system.

Impact: The Email Defense Service performance and reporting will continue to operate without any visual impact. This new filtering module enables protection from the increasing volume of messages that carry infected attachments. This behind the scenes filter is positioned to capture not only PDF spam but address future attachment spam variations as well.

Why: The addition of the Deep Content Analysis filter is in direct response to the influx of PDF spam; however, its abilities go beyond this specific spam variation. Our Threat Center continually monitors worldwide email traffic for emerging threats and develops solutions to address them before they affect our customers. Today, those attachments come in .pdf, but the Threat Center is always looking out for tomorrow.s spam variation. The Deep Content Analysis filter was developed with a feature-set that enables a quick response to future attachment spam variations.

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