June 22nd, 2007

Premium Email Filtering Enhancements

The following service advancements are being introduced into the Email Defense Premium Email Filtering service:

  • On-Demand Spam Quarantine Reports: Domain and Account Administrators will be able to generate Spam Quarantine Reports at any time, which can be delivered directly to users via email. Why? . On-Demand Spam Quarantine Reports enable administrators to better serve internal users who request immediate inventories of their quarantined messages.
  • Expanded User Account Views: Administrators can expand their User Accounts views to accommodate up to 100 lines of information, up from the current limit of 10 lines. The default setting will be set at 25 lines, and administrators will be able to adjust the setting between 10 and 100 lines. Why? . By expanding the amount of User Account information visible at any one time, administrators will gain a greater snapshot view of User information without having to move back and forth between pages.
  • Transport Layer Security Identifier: Information will be included in the "Received" line of the message header of each encrypted inbound and outbound email that will note that the message is being securely delivered via Transport Layer Security (TLS). Why? . By adding TLS encryption information into the message header, administrators will be able to confirm that a secure, end-to-end TLS connection has been made.
  • Account Setup Tools: A Test Connectivity selector will be placed on the Inbound Server Setup page, which when clicked will test the connectivity between your email server(s) and the filtering servers. Testing connectivity will enable administrators to test their configuration and to identify potential issues with inbound server setup and configuration. The portal will also provide detailed setup instructions in the Outbound Server Settings section to assist customers with the configuration of their Outbound server(s), if appropriate. Why? . This feature is designed to make service setup procedures easier and more informative.

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