February 10th, 2014

Private Labeling SecureForm

LuxSci’s SecureForm service enables you to quickly make your web site or PDF forms secure and HIPAA compliant. Receive the form data, including uploaded files, via secure email or download the data securely from LuxSci’s web interface.  It also supports insecure form posts and delivery, making the usual form-to-email process easy to setup and protected from form Spam.

Typically, when using SecureForm, your web or PDF form will post to a secure web site address (URL) that is provided by LuxSci in the LuxSci.com domain name.  I.e. something like “https://secureform.luxsci.com/…”.  Once the form data is processed, the end user is redirected to a success or failure web page on your site (for web forms), or is shown a success or failure PDF that you provide (for PDF forms).  I.e. under most conditions, the end user will never see the domain name to which the form is posted.

For resellers or businesses who wish to use their own web site address in their forms so as to brand the secure form posts and hide the fact that LuxSci is the back end, perhaps something like “https://forms.yourdomain.com/…”, LuxSci has an easy solution: Private Labeling.

To get started:

  1. Sign up for a LuxSci account that contains both SecureForm and Private Labeling services, or upgrade your existing SecureForm account with Private Labeling
  2. Choose the domain name that you would like to use for your SecureForm posts
  3. Get an SSL Certificate for this domain (LuxSci will help you with this and can purchase it for you if you like)
  4. Create a Private Labeled Web Interface theme in your LuxSci account and associate this secure domain name with it.
  5. Update the SecureForm configuration settings in your Advanced Administration area to indicate that you would like to use this domain for your SecureForm posts

LuxSci support will assist you with this process.  Simply open a support ticket and we will get the process started with you.

The cost?

The cost of adding a Private Labeled domain to SecureForm varies based upon a few factors:

  • Private Labeling: $25/mo
  • SSL Certificate: You can either “bring you own” and buy it from wherever you like, or we can buy it for you.

If you would like to completely brand your SecureForm solution, you can add Private Labeling to any existing or new SecureForm account for as little as $25/mo plus the cost of an SSL certificate.

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