July 7th, 2015

Receive & Collaborate on Secure Form posts via Secure Chat

LuxSci is proud to announce the integration of SecureForm and SecureChat.   SecureForm allows you to securely capture and process post from your web site and PDF forms.  SecureChat provides secure real-time communication and collaboration between people on mobile and desktop devices.  E.g. a secure replacement for texting that incorporates collaboration, archival, and compliance.

Now, SecureForm users can have their form post data sent securely to anyone’s SecureChat account (in addition to having the option of sending data to MySQL databases, secure email, secure FTP, and secure online file storage):

  • Each post can start a new SecureChat conversation with up to 10 pre-defined SecureChat users
  • The conversations can include any type of data you select: PDF, Excel, Text, HTML, Templates, uploaded files ,etc.
  • The conversations are fully secure and HIPAA compliant so the conversation subjects can use placeholders for dynamic insertion of submitted form field data.  E.g. Instead of a title like “New Clinical Request”, it could be “New Clinical Request from Judy Smith”.
  • As an alternative to receiving your form data in a new SecureChat conversation, you can also choose to have simple notices of new form posts sent to SecureChat (e.g. instead of to you vis SMS or email).

SecureForm to SecureChat provides real-time secure delivery of form data to your mobile devices and also includes permanent archival of posted data.  However, the real beauty of the SecureForm to SecureChat channel comes though collaboration.  There are a myriad of use cases, but one good example goes as follows:

A doctor’s office uses SecureForm and has the data sent via SecureChat to the office manager (Jane’s) SecureChat user.  The form in question is a consultation request.  Every time a form is posted, Jane receives that data instantly on her iPhone.  She skims the consultation request and then she adds whatever doctor(s) in the office need to be involved in the consult to the conversation.  These doctors immediately get notified and also gain access to the conversation and the form data.  They can then start adding notes and comments to the conversation that everyone involved can see (just like with group text messaging or group skpe chat).  People can be added and removed from the conversation as needed; the conversation can take as long as required; attachments up to 100MB can be added to the conversation for reference.

When the conversation is over, the users can “archive” it to hide it from there view.  However, the conversation is never deleted and all of its secure contents are always available to review by all current participants.

As every form post is a new “conversation,” each one can be treated as in independent discussion with possibly different sets of participants.

Of course, SecureChat can also just start the conversation with multiple participants “from the get go” if the data should always go to the same people.

The SecureForm posts do not have to go to SecureChat people in your organization … you can configure them to be directed to any SecureChat (or Mediprocity) user in any organization.

Give SecureForm to SecureChat a test drive.  Open a Free Trial account and ask Sales for some trial SecureChat licenses and you can see for yourself how liberating and time saving this work flow is.

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