January 15th, 2009

Receive Secure Web Form Submissions in a Secure Email

Notice: the services discussed in this posting have been replaced by our new SecureForm Service


You collect private information on your website. Whether it’s health information that needs to be HIPAA-compliant, credit card numbers, or other confidential data, you need an easy and transparent way to protect the privacy of your visitors, from start to finish.


LuxSci provides a secure web form for your website. Information is encrypted and emailed to you directly, so that you can access everything in your own email, but know that the data was secure from input to delivery.

With our Secure Web Forms you can:

  • Automatically encrypt submitted form information
  • Have this information securely emailed to you using SecureLine
  • Automatically decrypt the information upon arrival in your INBOX [optional]

What are Secure Web Forms?

Our Secure Web Forms aren’t just secure in the sense that the website is SSL-protected. What makes this system different is that the data provided by your visitor is secure end-to-end. Our Secure Web Forms combine the protection of an SSL-secured site with the encryption of your data all the way from the server, to your INBOX, to your eyes.

Will this make getting the info more difficult?

When someone submits data, you can have it be automatically decrypted on delivery. This way, you can view your data in WebMail or in your regular email client, with no extra steps and no extra hassle. This is an optional feature; users can also have data be stored, encrypted.

Does everyone in my account need to sign up for this?

In order to set up a Secure Web Form, one user in your account needs to have our SecureLine service. All gathered information will go to this user. More users can be added if desired, but only one is required.

How do Secure Web Forms work?

Step 1: Set Up

  • You order an SSL-protected website at LuxSci. These sites have https:// in their links.
  • You design and upload the content of the site, including the web form(s).
  • LuxSci configures the site with a script to automatically encrypt the data before emailing it to you.

Step 2: Usage

  • The client visits your SSL-secured site, filling out the form and submitting it.
  • The data is transmitted securely to our server. It is then converted into an encrypted email and sent to you.
  • You receive the email message and read it over a secure connection to our servers, using WebMail or your preferred email program.

How does delivery work?

There are two ways you can receive your data:

  • Default: Your data is automatically decrypted when delivered. You then can view it via an SSL-secured connection to our server through WebMail or your email program.
  • The data can remain encrypted in your Inbox. You then decrypt the data each time you view it, again either in WebMail or your email program.

Want more information?

Sign up for Secure Web Forms

Use the: Secure Web Form to Encrypted Email Package

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