December 20th, 2008

Reduced Web and FTP Bandwidth Prices

While LuxSci provides cutting edge services on robust hardware to give you a non-commodity service with very high reliability and speed, we do seek to make our prices as affordable as possible.

We have been able to reduce our prices for extra web and FTP bandwidth.  The price for pre-purchasing bandwidth has been reduced from $2.00/GB to $1.50/GB.  The (overage) price for exceeding your pre-purchased bandwidth allotment has been decreased from $5/GB to $2/GB.  These price changes will help significantly when your business ends up needing more bandwidth than expected.

These prices are effective immediately on all bandwidth overages and on all new bandwidth upgrades for all new and existing accounts.  Please contact LuxSci if you have any questions.

Note that LuxSci only measures bandwidth used by your web sites and by your use of FTP.  Bandwidth used for other things such as databases, sending email, checking email, and WebMail is not metered and charged for.

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