September 25th, 2010

Restrict Web Interface Logins by Country and/or Region

LuxSci has for a long time allowed account administrators to restrict from which IP addresses their users are permitted to login to the web interface.  Administrators can specify a list of IP addresses and IP blocks (CIDR blocks) along with a list of users exempt from these restrictions.

This service has been expanded.  Now, account administrators can restrict logins based on a chosen combination of countries and/or regions.  When a user tries to login to the web interface, that user’s IP Address is converted into the location from which s/he appears to be and that is compared to the list of allowed locations.

For example, administrators could restrict logins to be from the United States only, or from Massachusetts and France only, etc.

Administrators can configure IP-based or location-based login restrictions in their “Account Administration > Domains > Web Interface Access” area.  Exemptions to these restrictions can also be configured there.

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