May 13th, 2009

Save! Domain Registration $9.99/year at LuxSci

LuxSci has lowered its price for the registration of new domain names from $20.00/year to $9.99/year, in keeping with the current registration market.

LuxSci’s domain name registration service, through TuCows, offers new domain name registrations ending in “com”, “net”, “org”, “biz”, and “info” on behalf of our customers.

The same great benefits of registering your domain at LuxSci continue, but at half the price!

  • LuxSci quickly responds to requests for changes to registration information (WHOIS) .
  • LuxSci manages your domain registrations so that they do not expire unexpectedly (as often happens when people register through a 3rd party registrar and later stop using the email address used to purchase the domain).
  • LuxSci offers users the option of managing their own domain(s) via a secure login.
  • LuxSci offers “private” registration in the public registry fields by listing LuxSci as the primary contact  (i.e. so no one knows who really owns the domain).

Our  new price of $9.99/year is effective immediately for all new and transferred domain registrations. Our customers with existing domain registrations will renew at the new price.

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