May 20th, 2009

Save your Outbound Email Automatically to your Sent Email Folder. No IMAP needed.

LuxSci users have a new setting whereby they can choose to have copies of all messages that they send via SMTP from their email programs automatically delivered to their “sent” email folder on the server. This is advantageous in that:

  • Some email clients, like Microsoft Outlook, do not support saving sent email to server-side IMAP folders.  This setting permits server-side sent mail for all programs.
  • Saving sent email to server-side IMAP folders requires uploading the message twice — once to send the message and once to save a copy.  This setting allows you to have your sent email saved with only one upload — the one needed to send.  This is faster, uses less bandwidth, and is less prone to error due to connection or program issues.
  • Users who do not have IMAP access (i.e. who are using POP) can now have copies of their sent email saved on the server.
  • Users can now have copies of sent email saved both on the server and to local folders.

So, speed up your sending and work around problems with email clients using LuxSci’s new “save sent email on send” feature.  To enable it, existing users should login and go to “Email > My Email Tools > Outbound Email > Copies of Messages” and enable the “Send a copy of all messages sent via SMTP to your sent email folder” setting.

One Response to “Save your Outbound Email Automatically to your Sent Email Folder. No IMAP needed.”

  1. Will Says:

    That’s really useful for me – thanks a lot!

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