September 23rd, 2018

Scheduled Upgrades from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2

During the month of December, 2018, LuxSci will be upgrading all shared and dedicated web servers that are currently running PHP v5.6.x to PHP v7.2.x. After December 31st, 2018, PHP v5.6.x will no longer be supported by the PHP development community and will no longer be receiving security updates. As such, using PHP v5.6.x after December, 2018 is not an option for security reasons.

If you are on a server that is currently running PHP v5.6.x and you are unsure if your web site fully supports PHP v7.2.x, we recommend that you review your site and verify that it will support PHP v7.2.x during the coming months, so that when the software on your server is updated your site will keep on chugging along.

If you are unsure if your server is running PHP v5.6.x, please contact LuxSci support. Dedicated server customers can request that we upgrade their servers to PHP v7.2.x at any time; they do not have to wait for December. Customers whose servers are running PHP v7.1.x are not affected by this maintenance; however, they can also request an upgrade to PHP v7.2.x if that is desirable for them

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