February 27th, 2013

SecureForm Enhancement Rollup

Several improvements to LuxSci’s SecureForm service are now available to all customers.  These include:

  • Tabular HTML Format: Similar to the “plain text” form data storage format, you can now choose a “Two-Column HTML tabular view” of your form data to email or save.  This consists of a clean and simple two-column HTML table with the form fields on the left and the submitted data on the right.   It looks much nicer than the “plain text” data format.
  • Notes: Add notes or tags to your SecureForm configurations so you can easily search for or group your forms.  This is ideal for customers with large numbers of form configurations.
  • New Reports: We have added two new reports to the SecureForm area:
    • Activity Per Form: Select any date range and get the total form usage for each of your forms for that time period.  This is perfect if you need to bill customers on a monthly or quarterly basis and need to generate (and maybe download) their form usage.
    • Activity Detail: The report shows you all of the post activity across all of your forms … so you can see what is coming in and when without needing to drill down into the individual form configurations to check.
  • SecureForm Configuration List: We have completely revised the page that lists all of your SecureForm configurations.  New features include:
    • Download your configuration list via CSV
    • Sorting
    • Displays when the last form post came through on each form
    • Displays what mechanisms each form is using for data storage
    • Searches through your form configurations by many criteria such as: pdf vs web, secure vs insecure, has template vs not,  where the form data is going, by your notes and other data you have such as what addresses your forms are posting from.

These improvements go along with our major SecureForm feature additions:

  1.  SecureForm to SecureLine Escrow for secure emailing for form data to anyone
  2. Web-based user interface for viewing/sorting/searching/printing/downloading your database-stored form posts




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