January 20th, 2018

SecureForm Updates: New Look and New Integrations

In December, 2017, LuxSci released SecureForm FormBuilder 2.0 —  significant update that included user interface improvements together with new features like drag-and-drop, enhanced responsive form support, and more support for standard third-party JavaScript libraries.  Since then, we have been busily working on a number of significant improvements to SecureForm itself.  These are now available to all customers and include:

  1. Improved and simplified SecureForm user interface
  2. All of the places that you can send or save your form data have been recoded into “Integrations”
  3. We have added two new Integrations: Webhook and Slack
  4. It is now easy for LuxSci to extend SecureForm with new third-party integrations

Improved and simplified SecureForm user interface

As depicted in the screen shot, below, the interface for SecureForm has been significantly simplified.  In particular:

  1. We have removed the “tabs” across the top of the page.
  2. We have removed all of the form data “destinations” (like email and database) from the menu on the left.  These are now all accessible in the “Save/Send Data To” integrations area.
  3. We have compacted the design of the page somewhat
  4. We have removed pages from the left menu that are not really needed.  I.e. when using FormBuilder, the FormBuilder “Settings” area gives you access to all “web form” controls.  So there is no longer a need for the “Web” menu item.

Overall, the design is much simpler and more straight forward, while also allowing us to scale out the number of places that we allow you to send/save your data.

Old Layout

New Layout



All of the places that SecureForm allows you to save/send your form data are now called “Integrations”.  You can choose any combination of Integrations for each of your forms.  Click on “Add an Integration” to configure and enable a new integration for your form.

The Integrations like Database, Documents, Email, FTP, Notice, and SecureChat have all the same settings that they used to have and remain enabled for your forms as you have them configured.

New Integrations

In response to popular demand, LuxSci has added two new Integrations: WebHook and Slack.


The new WebHook integration allows you to send form data to any third-party service that supports inbound Webhooks.  Webhook support is very simple, very popular, and pervasive.  A Webhook API is when a third-party provider:

  1. Gives you web site address to which you should send data (usually, that address is custom-made for you and has account and authentication information built into it).
  2. Accepts data at that address via and HTTPS POST as either a JSON document of as URL-encoded keyword/value pairs

LuxSci’s Webhook integration is extremely flexible.  It supports:

  1. Any secure (https) web hook address
  2. Sending URL-encoded keyword/value pairs OR JSON documents
  3. Sending some or all of your posted form data
  4. Sending custom-designed JSON documents of arbitrary complexity
  5. Sending custom-designed URL-encoded values
  6. Sending additional data (like API keys, and custom fields) via JSON and URL-encoding
  7. Using place holders so that selected posted form data can be substituted into your custom JSON documents or custom encoded data elements

I.e., LuxSci’s Webhook integration is designed to be flexible enough to work with most any third-party provider’s Webhook service … even ones (like SafesForce) which require complex data formats.


Slack is an extremely popular platform and we have had many requests from customers who want to send notices or data to Slack channels whenever a SecureForm post comes in.  Slack has an Inbound Webhook API.  However, we have simplified access to that by providing a Slack-specific SecureForm integration.

All you need to do is provide the Slack Webhook URL and the plain text message that you would like sent to that Slack channel.  Of course, that text message can be a “template” with place holders where selected data fields will be placed.  You can also choose to send all of the posted form data to Slack as a plain text attachment to your message.  Nice!

More Integrations

While Webhook serves as a generic way to communicate with a large number of third-party services, you can expect LuxSci to add more and more explicit integrations over the coming year.  If you have a great suggestion, let us know!

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