June 19th, 2009

SecureLine Escrow Message Pickup Simplified

To address the request of many clients, LuxSci has simplified the process of picking up SecureLine Escrow encrypted email messages.  This change makes message pickup faster and easier and improves the usability of the SecureLine service overall.

When a secure message is sent using LuxSci SecureLine to an arbitrary email address (i.e. one for which S/MIME or PGP keys are not known or available), the message is encrypted and stored in a secure database.  An emailed notice is sent to the recipient address.  The recipient then clicks on a link in the notice, and verifies his/her identity by answering a security question provided by the sender.

See how this works in our graphical PDF: Send Secure Emails to Anyone.

Previously, the password used to decrypt the message was also included in the notification message and had to be manually copied and pasted by the user into the SecureLine Escrow interface in order to gain access to the message.  Now, the message password is hidden and passed to the SecureLine Escrow site behind the scenes — making the message access process much simpler.

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