September 6th, 2013

SecureLine Message Center now Displays Sent Email

Secure Sent EmailLuxSci’s SecureLine email encryption service enables our customers to send secure email messages to anyone with an email address.  Through the included “SecureSend” portal, it also allows anyone with an email address to send secure messages to our SecureLine users, for free.

With Private Label Branding, LuxSci customers can customize this experience, making the web interfaces look like their company and also enabling a feature called “Message Center“.  Message center allows the recipients of your SecureLine messages sent using the Escrow secure message pickup mechanism to be able to view and reply to all messages sent to them in the SecureSend portal — e.g. akin to an online Inbox of received secure messages.

LuxSci has extended the Message Center so that it now includes copies of messages sent by these users as well:

  1. Messages sent as replies to SecureLine Escrow messages received by them
  2. New messages sent directly from the SecureSend portal’s secure email composer

Going forward, people interacting with LuxSci’s SecureLine users through the free SecureSend system can return to the portal and read items that they have previously sent using the system, just like they can log in and review emails that they have received.

Configuring: Saved Sent Messages

Saved Sent Messages in Message Center is available:

  1. If you have Premium Private Labeling
  2. Create a Private Labeling “Name Space” with “Message Center” enabled
  3. Associate that to your LuxSci Private Labeled theme

Existing customers with this configuration automatically have “Saved Sent Message” enabled for messages sent going forward from the time of this feature addition.

In your SecureLine Private Label Configuration area, you can also specify how long these sent email messages should be kept before they expire (e.g. are auto-deleted).  The default is 30 days, but you can choose from a range of options from “never save sent email” to 1 day to 10 years.  There are various reasons why you would want these sent email messages to expire:

  1. Their storage contributes to your LuxSci account’s overall disk space usage
  2. Privacy concerns may warrant deleting items quickly
  3. Your customers may want the messages kept longer

In the end, its up to you to determine if the sent email messages of your free SecureSend users are kept and for how long.

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