February 26th, 2013

Send your Web and PDF Form Posts Securely to Anyone: SecureForm to SecureLine Escrow has Arrived

LuxSci’s SecureForm service enables customers to collect data from web and PDF form posts and securely save and/or send that data in many formats to many places via email, FTP, MySQL, and online file storage.

Until now, if you wanted to send your form data over email securely to a recipient you had your choice of encrypting via SMTP TLS, PGP, or S/MIME.  TLS is great, but not all recipient email service providers support it; PGP and S/MIME are very secure but require special setup and support by the email programs that the recipient uses to access these messages.

Now, SecureForm supports secure delivery of form post data to any recipient’s email address via the SecureLine Escrow secure message pickup service.

Messages Secured with SecureLine Escrow

Any SecureForm account with a SecureLine license for email encryption can now choose to have messages sent via Escrow.  This is configurable in the “Add Recipient” area of your SecureForm configuration.  When configuring a recipient for receipt of secure form data via Escrow, you can:

  1. Choose how long the message will remain in the Escrow system before expiring (this can be days to years)
  2. Choose how the recipient will verify his/her identity to pick up the secure messages — either by answering a security question that you provide, or by his/her password to a free SecureSend account.
  3. Customize the Escrow notification messages and the Escrow secure message pickup portal if you have Private Label services.

Additionally, you can pick one SecureLine-licensed user from your account to be the “owner” of these messages.  You can use this user to:

  1. Track if the messages have been opened and read
  2. Retract or delete messages if needed
  3. Receive secure emailed replies back from the recipient of your form post data


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