November 14th, 2011

Sent Email Delivery Tracking Reports Have Arrived

What happened to that email message that I sent 3 days ago?  It “never arrived!”.

Our Support team fields this kind of question on a daily basis.  Usually the message never arrived because the address was misspelled, the message was never actually sent, or it was filtered by the recipient’s servers.  There are many other reasons why messages “disappear” as well.

Customers sending email to mailing lists (e.g. those using LuxSci High Volume services), often want an easy way to find out what addresses failed and why, and to know for sure what messages were delivered properly.

Now, LuxSci customers can see for themselves exactly what messages have been sent and track them to learn what the disposition of any particular message to any recipient is at any time.  The new reporting tools are fast, easy, and no longer require the assistance of Support.

Sent Email Reports

LuxSci provides revised detailed reports about what email messages have actually been sent:

These reports include, for every message:
  • Sent date and time
  • Subject
  • All recipients
  • From email address
  • Message size
  • sendmail tracking code
Additionally, for messages sent via your SMTP server, you get:
  • The IP address the message was sent from
  • If the connection was secure (made using TLS or SSL)
These reports are searchable, sortable, and downloadable as CSV files (so you can analyze the data in Excel).
For each sent email message, you can also track its delivery by viewing a “Delivery Report” (see below) specific to the message in question.

Delivery Reports

Email Delivery Reports are completely new to the LuxSci reporting toolkit. These reports allow you to see the disposition of every message to every recipient and are updated in real time as messages are sent and as queued messages are re-tried.
Delivery reports present you with (for every recipient/message):
  • Status. The message disposition: e.g. Delivered, Failed, or still “In Queue”
  • Details. Exactly why it failed, why it is queued, and what the recipient server said when it was delivered there successfully (including tracking codes that you can give your recipients to help them figure out what happened to any “missing email” which was actually delivered successfully to them).
  • Date. When the status of the message was last updated.
These reports can be sorted, downloaded, and searched by:
  • Subject
  • From address
  • Recipient address (or domain)
  • Message disposition
  • Disposition details
  • sendmail tracking ID
Email delivery reports make it quick and simple to answer questions about any sent email message.  Daily and monthly reports also put aggregate delivery success and failure rates at your finger tips.

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