November 6th, 2009

Shared Workspaces for Collaboration

Web-based collaborative environments, similar to Microsoft Sharepoint, are now offered by LuxSci.

For LuxSci users with a WebAide license, the widgetized “Welcome Page” area is now the “Workspaces” area.  Here, licensed users can:

  • Create any number of Workspaces with arbitrary configurations of widgets per workspace
  • Share Workspaces with other licensed users

Additionally, Workspaces for all users are “active” in that:

  • Widgets based on WebAides (i.e. Calendars, Address Books, Blogs, Tasks, Links, Documents, etc.) auto-update themselves so that any changes made to the underlying entries are visible to you within one minute.
  • The “Email Quick Check” widget which shows you the status of one or multiple email folders updates your folder status automatically every two minutes.
  • The “Notepad” widget auto-saves your changes, merges them with changes made by others and auto-updates your display with the most recent merged content — real-time collaborative note taking.
  • Other widgets whose content can change also update automatically.

Significant Workspace Changes

Licensed users will find that their “Welcome” page is now a “Workspaces” page with tabs at the top for all Workspaces to which they are subscribed.  These users can:

  • Create more Workspaces
  • Subscribe to and unsubscribe from Workspaces
  • Delete Workspaces
  • Share Workspaces
  • Rename Workspaces
  • Change the order of Workspace tabs using drag and drop
  • Change the title of the Workspaces in the tabs
  • Make permanent bookmark links to individual Workspaces

Account administrators who are sharing Workspaces with others can auto-subscribe the sharees to the Workspaces and can force these Workspaces to be always subscribed to by the sharees.

Access to individual widgets by the sharees of a Workspace is based on the Sharee’s level of access to the underlying widget data.  I.e.

  • For widgets based on WebAides, access to the underlying data is based on the viewer’s specific access to those WebAides.  I.e. if a Workspace is shared with someone and it contains widgets referring to Documents WebAides which are not themselves shared with that person, then that person will have access to the Workspace, but not to the documents referenced by that widget.
  • For widgets based on Email Folders, access to the underlying data is based on the viewer’s specific access to those email folders.
  • Notepad widgets are available to all users; however, the owner can choose to have them visible as read-only content to the sharees.

Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration!

  • Share email folders with others — read-only or read-write
  • Share Calendars, Address Books, Tasks, Documents, Links, Notes, Passwords, and Blogs with others and specify fine-grained access controls.
  • Create Workspaces for specific tasks, projects, or groups or people.  Add widgets for shared notes, blogs, and referencing specific collaborative data.  Share these Workspaces with others.
  • Use sharing controls that allow specification of access on an account-wide, domain-wide, arbitrary user group-wide, and/or individual user level.

Workspaces for Mobile Mode

Workspaces are also designed to work well with Mobile Mode.  While you cannot create and manage Workspaces in Mobile Mode, you can:

  • Access any Workspace from Mobile Mode
  • Customize your preferences so that when you login to the Web Interface in Mobile Mode, you go to a specific Workspace.  I.e. make a Workspace that contains only what you want when you login via Mobile Mode.

Quickly Access Workspaces

The “Welcome” menu option in the members’ Web Interface has been replaced with “Workspaces”.  This menu shows you your top ten subscribed Workspaces — making it easy to access them with one click from any page of our web site.

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