May 20th, 2006

Significant WebMail Enhancements

LuxSci introduces a series of enhancements to its WebMail interface:

  • SecureLine: Users of LuxSci who receive SecureLine Escrow messages and view them in WebMail will now be able to access the secure content of these messages much more easily. WebMail now recognizes SecureLine Escrow messages and displays a quick access form in the WebMail message display page, saving recipients several steps that otherwise would be required to access the message content.
  • AJAX: LuxSci has enhanced many of its web pages with "AJAX" support (a technology that allows faster access and revisions to web pages) that will benefit our users by loading web pages much faster.
    • All WebMail Preferences, the Contact Information and Change Password pages now use AJAX.
    • The Calendar, Task, and Address Book WebAides now use AJAX for showing and hiding subsections of the entry editor pages.
    • WebMail now utilizes AJAX for hiding and showing Advanced Search controls. LuxSci will continue to enhance our interface in future releases using AJAX and other new technologies.
  • New WebMail Preferences: LuxSci has added several new preferences:
    • Choose if your WebMail Signature should be added to the top or to the bottom of your new email messages. Previously, it was always added to the bottom.
    • Optionally disable the confirmation prompt that results when you delete email messages.
    • While you could always globally enable/disable the saving of sent email messages in a sent email folder, users can now also override their global preference on a per-message basis when they are composing the message.
  • Clear Email Folders: A new "Clear" command has been added to our "Email Folders" tool. This command effectively and quickly resets an email folder by deleting all messages therein and reclaiming all space used by those messages. This command never saves the deleted messages to any kind of Trash folder and is also available to account administrators – enabling them to more effectively help users manage their email folders.
  • Optimizations: Many optimizations to WebMail have been made that affect its efficiency and speed, especially when viewing large HTML-encoded email messages with many attached images.

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