April 9th, 2018

Smart hosting for G Suite and Office 365 means easy HIPAA compliance

Many organizations use Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 for their email services.  A large number of these have issues with outbound email deliverability or need outbound email encryption to achieve HIPAA compliance.    LuxSci has a very simple and cost-effective solution via its email smart hosting service.

SMart hosting Office365 GSuite

Neither Google nor Microsoft offer email encryption as part of their already expensive standard business service offerings, even if you have a HIPAA business associate agreement with them.  As a result, many folks rely on third parties, such as LuxSci, that specialize in HIPAA-compliant email to fill the gap and enable the sending of secure email messages (and secure text messages) to anyone.  For more information on each of these services, see:

Using LuxSci’s smart hosting service with G Suite or Office 365 is quite simple

LuxSci smart hosting is a quick way to connect Google or Microsoft to a LuxSci account so that any email sent through those providers is relayed through LuxSci for processing and then for ultimate delivery to your recipients.  LuxSci could be used for email archival, email encryption, content scanning for data loss prevention, sender and recipient restrictions, improved email delivery, better sending server IP reputation, and for tracking and reporting on email delivery status.

  1. Sign up for a HIPAA-compliant Email Smart Hosting Account with LuxSci.
  2. Order services for the domain(s) you have set up in Outlook365 or GSuite and for the same number of users that you have in Outlook365 or GSuite
  3. Setup your LuxSci account so that all of your users and domains are created. There needs to be a one-to-one relationship between users in LuxSci and users in Office365 / GSuite,  for tracking, auditing, and authentication purposes.
  4. Flip a switch enabling your LuxSci account to accept email relayed from Office365 or GSuite
  5. Flip a switch in Office365 / GSuite to send your outbound email to LuxSci.
  6. Done!

Your users continue to use GSuite or Office365 as usual — no configuration changes needed.

With GSuite, you can also configure your account so that only email from specific users or groups is smart hosted.

LuxSci smart hosting is quite inexpensive

Pricing is $2/user/month for HIPAA-compliant users that have email encryption services or $0.50/user/month for customers that do not need email encryption.  Dedicated servers are also available for those desiring high capacity, high reliability, dedicated sending reputations, and/or high security solutions.

Sign up for LuxSci smart hosting.

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