September 28th, 2010

SMS / Text Messaging Enhancements

LuxSci is introducing more and more features that support the the sending of text messages (SMS) to users’ mobile devices.  Some of these features include:

  • Send an SMS notification on the receipt of certain email messages of your choice.
  • Send an SMS notification when a web or PDF form posts data though our SecureForm service.
  • Send an SMS notifications as reminders for calendar events and and tasks.
  • Two-factor authentication for logging in to the web interface — a special login Token can be sent via SMS to your mobile device.

To enhance the usability of these and future SMS-related features, LuxSci has added “SMS Address” as a new field to all users’ contact information; users can now specify their personal SMS address information (i.e. either their cell phone number and mobile carrier, or the exact email of the SMS address provided by their carrier).

This personal information is then available whenever a user is configuring SMS notifications or other SMS services at LuxSci — the user can now select his/her own SMS address with a single click. As the most common action is to configure something to send an SMS message to yourself, this makes use of LuxSci’s SMS features much quicker and simpler.

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