May 15th, 2003

SMTP Sending Limits Implemented

LuxSci has placed a limit on the maximum number of email messages a user can send per day through its SMTP servers. This limit is 200 messages per user per day and is designed to be more than large enough for most users but small enough to make our services useless for spammers.

This limit does not apply to messages sent via WebMail. Also, a message destined to multiple recipients is considered only a single message for this accounting purpose. This sending limit applies only to authenticated SMTP connections from email clients like Outlook. We can increase the sending limit on a per-user or per-account basis if a good reason for the requirement is given.

If you reach you sending limit, you will be denied the ability to send additional messages. This denial will last until midnight GMT, when the “day” changes and the count of messages that you have sent is reset to zero. Note that even if you are being denied the ability to send messages from your email client, you can always send email messages via WebMail. We are trying to help limit SPAM and not trying to limit legitimate email usage.

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