June 11th, 2010

Spell Checking As You Type is here!

LuxSci has completely updated its spell checking interface.  We have incorporated the “Spell Checking As You Type” technology from into our Web Interface to permit excellent real-time spell checking of both plain text and HTML-formatted input fields.

Spell Checking As You Type is enabled for all users by default and offers real time spell checking in many areas of the LuxSci Web Interface:

  • WebMail email composition
  • WebMail email annotation
  • SecureLine Escrow and SecureSend
  • Creating, editing and adding comments to WebAide entries (i.e. Blogs, Calendars, Address Books, Tasks, etc.)
  • Notepad and Blog Widgets
  • Support Tickets
  • Personal and Global Email Tagline editing
  • WebMail Signature creation and editing
  • Email Autoresponder creation and editing
  • and more!

Misspelled words are underlined in red.  Right-click the marked word and select a suggested spelling and/or add a new word to your custom dictionary. This feature is similar to spell check in your favorite word processor.

Additional Features

Along with real-time spell checking of plain text and HTML fields, more features include:

  • Multi-Language Support: Set your default language and change it on the fly as needed.  Supported languages include: English, British English, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, English Canadian, Finnish, French, French Canadian, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
  • Personal Dictionary: Words that you “add” to your dictionary are saved and used for future spell checking sessions by anyone logged in as you from most popular web browsers.
  • Spell Checking HTML is Friendly: You no longer have to view the raw HTML markup when using HTML editors.
  • Spelling Options: You can choose to enable options such as
    • Ignoring words in all caps (i.e. “ACME”)
    • Ignoring domain names (i.e. “”)
    • Ignoring words with mixed case (i.e. “LuxSci”)
    • Ignoring words with numbers (i.e. “abc123”)
  • Turn it Off: If you do not need or want automatic spell checking, you can turn it off in your Preferences under (“Regional > Language and Time”).  You can also select your default spell checking language there.

Spell checking is not supported in our Xpress portal or in Mobile Mode.  While it is available in almost all supported web browsers (Internet Explorer v6+, FireFox v3+, Safari v4+, Chrome), it is not enabled in Opera or FireFox v2, for compatibility reasons.

Options Removed

With the addition of automatic spell checking as you type, we have removed options that are not useful when real-time spell checking is available.   These include:

  • Links and buttons for checking spelling of certain fields in a pop-up window.
  • The option to have your email messages checked for spelling when you press “Send” and to have the spell checker window pop up if there are any issues.

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