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Is Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) HIPAA Compliant?

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Amazon SES


Because Amazon Web Services (AWS) is very inexpensive, very well known, and offers “HIPAA-compliant” solutions to some degree, we are often asked if, and to what degree, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is HIPAA compliant. AWS is a big player offering countless services on which companies can build and/or host applications and infrastructures. One of the myriad of services provided by Amazon is their “Simple Email Service” (AWS SES for short).  Organizations are very interested in determining if the services offered are appropriate for their use cases and if use of specific Amazon services will leave them non-compliant or at risk.  Indeed, the larger the organization, the more concern we encounter.


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Understanding Cloud Servers

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

There is a lot of talk about Cloud Storage, Cloud Computing, Cloud Servers, and related things that can be accomplished in the pervasive land of distributed, abstracted computers.

Cloud = “Someone Else’s Computer”

LuxSci offers the option of running on dedicated servers in the “cloud”, in addition to the more common options of running on shared server(s) and on physical dedicated servers.  However, this all begs the questions:  “What exactly is a cloud server?”, “How powerful is it?”, “How reliable is it?”, and “When is a Cloud Server a better solution than a Physical Dedicated Server?”

What is a Cloud Server?

Here we answer those questions for you. 

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LuxSci has Explicit HIPAA Agreements with Vendors – including McAfee

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

The HIPAA Ombibus rules are on everyone’s mind as they scramble to bolster their HIPAA compliance before it’s too late.  Among many other things, like stricter enforcement and breach notification rules, the Omnibus rules finally extend the requirements for HIPAA compliance to all of a Covered Entity’s Business Associates, and to all of the vendors that those companies use, etc., all the way across to anyone who could possibly come into contact with ePHI … even if they otherwise might not even know it!

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