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Administrative Feature Additions

Friday, March 25th, 2005
  • The User Management pages have been revised to grant account administrators more control over being able to configure their users without needing to login as the user him/herself. Among other things, account administrators can now review and configure the following email tools for their users: Email Filtering, Basic Spam and Virus Filtering, Email Forwarding, Email Folders, WebMail Signatures, and Email AutoResponders.
  • A new “Database Management” tool has been added under your Account Administration page. Administrators of web hosting accounts can use this tool to manually add and delete MySQL databases in their account.
  • A new “Reports” section under your Account Administration page consolidates all global reports and also includes information about current disk and bandwidth usage.
  • A new “Advanced Administration Tools” page has been added under your Account Administration page. This page gives account administrators the ability: 1. to configure their account’s password strength checking rules, 2. to optionally disable the change password tool so users cannot change their own passwords, 3. to enable automatic deletion and/or disabling of users who have not logged in in a long time, 4. to change the main account administrator, 5. to change the default domain for the account, and 6. to change their account disk and bandwidth quota types. Accounts with access to our API will also find their API configuration tools here.