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Do Law Firms have Data Security Liability?

Friday, July 19th, 2013

As of 2010, 91% of all law firms have 10 or fewer employees; 99.6% have less than 100 employees[1].  The smaller the firm, the less likely they are to have a strong IT department and are much more likely to be focused on case load rather than on current changes in the compliance landscape that are now impacting them.  Indeed, one of the largest segments of new law firms are small practices run by folks that have left larger firms … and such folks arguably have less time to spend on such considerations with the amount of legal work per lawyer in the United States becoming increasingly less.

Email and messaging — more and more information is sent digitally.  For the legal profession, this is also increasingly true due to the time saving nature of such communications, the high time cost associated with legal work, and the ever-present push to get things done faster.

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Can you retrieve all Joe’s email from the last 2 months please? No, why not?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

We are increasingly seeing cases where some impropriety has happened within a customer’s organization and this leads to the desire to assemble as much proof and context for this as possible.

One of the first things customers think of is to collect all inbound and outbound email correspondance related to the problem for the time period involved.  Next, they open a Support Ticket asking us to gather all of this email … assuming we can magically produce anything that has passed through our systems and instantly (or at least quickly) retrieve it.

There is magic like this … powerful mojo that allows the customer to search for and retrieve any and all of this email easily.  Unfortunately, even Harry Houdini had to prepare for his spectacular feats; if the customer has not had the foresight to prepare for the possibility that  a non-editable, non-deletable, complete history of email traffic might be very important, then s/he is usually, unfortunately out of luck.

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