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Case Study: LuxSci SecureForm and Ink Signatures Eliminate Downloading, Printing, Signing, and Faxing of Contracts

Friday, January 31st, 2014

For legal reasons, LuxSci’s HIPAA customers are required to physically sign a “Business Associate Agreement” and return it to us.  While this is a simple and commonplace request, it creates a lot of busy work on the part of the customer and LuxSci!

The customer might have to

  1. Download the file
  2. Print out the 19 pages
  3. Sign the agreement
  4. Fax back all pages, or scan it and return electronically

Then, LuxSci might have to

  1. Locate the document
  2. Sort out faxes that are in the wrong order, upside down, blank, or missing pages
  3. Figure out who sent the document
  4. Verify that pages are not missing or changed
  5. Counter-sign the document and attach them to the customer account
  6. Contact customers who have not sent in their documents properly or at all which is crucial to the HIPAA certification process

Multiplied by lots of customers, this creates a lot of unproductive busy work for everyone — and this time costs money.

To simplify this process, LuxSci use its own SecureForm and Ink Signatures technologies to make submission of signed contracts a snap for customers, as well as to eliminate most of the busy work LuxSci itself has to do to manage the process.

In this post, we describe how both technologies work.

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Collaboration: Updated Online Password List Management

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

LuxSci has re-written its web-based Password management interface from the ground up to provide users with a fast, modern, featureful experience.  The WebAides Passwords user interface now matches that of WebMail, Address Books, Calendars, and User Groups in AJAX-based Web 2.0 speed, data caching, and usability.

The Passwords WebAide provides:

  • PGP-Encrypted online storage for all of the user names, passwords, and related information that most people have in abundance for logging in to countless web sites and devices.  Every entry is separately encrypted using PGP.  The PGP certificates are imported by you and/or generated by LuxSci.  There is no need for the passwords to these PGP keys to ever be stored on LuxSci’ servers.  This is a secure online solution.
  • Shared access — you can have detailed control of who in your account, if anyone, can decrypt and access which passwords.
  • Associated encrypted notes and attachments with each password so that you can store additional related information.

Consider LuxSci’s WebAide Passwords to be an “Online Lockbox” where you can securely store and share all of your passwords.  This Lockbox can be accessed from anywhere that you have Internet access.  The major changes that come along with these user interface enhancements include:

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