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Protecting Your Account from Social Engineering

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

LuxSci adds new technologies to protect your account from social engineering during support phone calls and chats.


One of the biggest threats to your company’s security, its human error. Phishing attacks where people send email messages reporting to be from trusted sites that users click on and give away information. That’s the biggest threat. But what about social engineering?

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Is FAXing really HIPAA Compliant?

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Many organizations, especially in the healthcare industry, have an urgent need to send important and sensitive information, like protected health information (what constitutes PHI?), to organizations via FAX (facsimile).

Why?  Because this is how it has always been done, and everyone is “set up” to be able to handle FAXes quickly and efficiently.

Go back in time 10-15 years.  Every doctor’s office and small business had one or more FAX machines for sending documents and pictures back and forth.  It was essential technology that became ingrained into business processes through constant, repetitive use.  Everyone knows how to use a FAX machine, even the most technologically challenged staff member.

IS a FAX really HIPAA compliant?

Fast forward to now:

  1. Fax Machines have changed.  They are now all-in-one devices that scan, print, copy, send files to your computer, and more.  The “FAX” ability is now just a minor extra feature.
  2. HIPAA has arrived and evolved.  It used to be that sending patient (ePHI) data via FAX was the norm.  Now, it is perilous to send such private data over regular FAX lines, as it is easy for that process to break down and violate HIPAA.  E.g. see this $2.5 million dollar law suite resulting from 1 fax message.
  3. Everyone has a computer or tablet. Most doctors and staff members have access to email, a HIPAA-secured computer or tablet, and familiarity with how to use them … and have been trained on best practices via the required HIPAA security training that everyone has to have now-a-days.
  4. Paperless offices. Workplaces have or are evolving to become paperless — everything is stored electronically.  Regular FAXes are often disdained in favor or email; when regular FAXes do arrive, they are often scanned to electronic files and then destroyed.
  5. Low resolution. Faxes are low-resolution.  They are slow and they do not contain a great amount of detail.  They are not great for sending anything graphical.

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LuxSci Provides Free Training to All

Monday, February 4th, 2013

LuxSci is committed to ensuring the best possible customer experience and to enabling our customers to use our varied services properly and to their best advantage.

As part of this commitment, LuxSci is now providing free 30-minute personalized training calls to all new customer accounts.   When you order a new LuxSci account, you will see this new line item appear on your order as a complementary service. A Support Ticket for scheduling this call will be created when your account is provisioned.

During this call, LuxSci will get you going by familiarizing you with our interface and services, configuring your account to your specifications, providing advice on how to best setup and use our services, and educating you on aspects of your account or technologies that may be new to you.

We want to make sure that you hit the ground running … in the right direction.

If you need additional training, that is also available for $25/15 minute block of time.

Existing customers who have never had a free training call can take advantage of this offer as well.  Simply proceed to “Account > Upgrades > Personal Training Call” and request one …  we’ll be happy to schedule a complimentary call for you.

Mobile Device Access to your Password Library

Friday, April 6th, 2012

LuxSci’s Passwords WebAide allows you to access the myriads of complex or not-so-complex passwords to web sites and programs in a central location that you can access anytime, anyplace,  to look up your passwords.

What’s the benefit?

  • Centralized Online Access — get to your passwords from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • One Password to Rule Them All — All password data is PGP-encrypted and you can open it all with just one password; LuxSci-staff cannot even access the data without you providing them the special password.  You only have to remember one password.
  • Backed up — LuxSci automatically makes daily and weekly backups to geographically separate locations for you.   We can always restore lost data, if needed.

New: Mobile Access to Passwords

LuxSci’s Mobile Site now supports access to your Password WebAides.  You can now view your password data from any device using our slick, quick, Mobile Web Interface.

On-the-go access to password data from phones and tablets has been an often-requested feature.  Now it’s here.

Soon, we will expand the Mobile Site to allow for the creation and editing of stored WebAide Password data as well.