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Do They Support TLS? Find out Fast

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Do you want your email messages sent “in the clear” across the Internet, where they could be read by anyone?

TLS (Transport Layer Security) enables email servers to automatically establish a secure channel between themselves so that your email messages can be securely transmitted from your servers to your recipient’s servers.  See: All about email delivery over TLS.

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Enforcing and Detecting TLS Email Encryption on Inbound Messages

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

SMTP TLS allows email messages to be transmitted from the sender’s email server to the recipient’s over a secure channel that prevents eavesdropping.  TLS is an extremely useful and popular technology as it is seamless —  the sender and recipient do not have to do anything special — and provides a level of server-to-server security important for compliance, HIPAA, and privacy in general.

Use of SMTP TLS requires that both the sender’s and the recipient’s email servers support it.  For example, LuxSci’s servers support TLS and will “talk TLS” to any recipient server that also does.  

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SecureLine End-to-End Email Encryption: Easier than Ever!

Friday, May 25th, 2012

LuxSci’s SecureLine Email Encryption service enables LuxSci users to send secure email messages  to anyone with an email address.  It supports a combination of different message encryption mechanisms to handle different types of recipients and sender encryption strength requirements:

  • SMTP TLS – for server-to-server transport encryption with recipients whose servers support TLS
  • PGP and S/MIME – for customers who require higher levels of messages security through certificates
  • Escrow – where recipients can pick up their waiting message from our secure portal

We find that a majority of our customers’ SecureLine messages prefer the Escrow system of secure message pickup because most customers don’t require the extra security and hassle of PGP or S/MIME.  Another consideration is that either TLS is not supported for most recipients or many customers require some level of recipient identity verification — beyond the fact that they “have access to their email”.

LuxSci has augmented the Escrow service so that it can now send to any recipient without any setup or input by the sender.  Customers using SecureLine encryption can now just “start sending” and it will “just work”.

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