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LuxSci’s System Status Page Re-launched

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

LuxSci’s system status page, accessible at https://status.luxsci.com, has been re-launched with more features and options.

Previous, this page was hosted with WordPress.com, in order to provide a convenient area independent of LuxSci’s own infrastructure on which to post status announcements.  At LuxSci, support is extremely important to us.  We wanted to provide more through our system status area, so all of our customers can be aware of incidents and maintenance.

The new site, also at https://status.luxsci.com:

  • Has a very clean and clear view of our current and recent status.
  • Provides a visual indication of the status of LuxSci’s systems and a visual history of recent status.
  • Integrates data from “pingdom.com” regarding connectivity to LuxSci’s systems.
  • Allows you to subscribe to receive notices via:
    • Email
    • SMS / text message
    • WebHook
  • Broadcasts notices to @LuxsciStatus on Twitter.

If you were previously subscribed to email notices, you will need to re-subscribe on the new system.  If you are interested in SMS or WebHook alert channels, we recommend going to our status page and signing up for these as well.



Email Delivery: How do you know if they got your message?

Monday, July 17th, 2017

You just sent an important business communication via email and assume all is well … but what if that email was not received?

How do you know if they got your email message?

How do you know?  There could be significant delays or consequences if the message was not delivered.  What can you do to put your mind at ease?

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