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Shared Calendars: Web, Desktop, and Mobile.

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

“I need to share our corporate calendar with all my employees, but only allow some people to edit it. … I need my staff to be able to access their calendars while on the road with events updated in real time. … My secretary needs to be able to manage my calendar without having full access to my other information.  …. We have separate, overlapping groups of people who need to have multiple calendars shared with different sets of people; we need event assignment notices and reminders – can you help?”

Shared calendars and event collaboration are topics high on the priority list for many of our customers.  Fortunately, LuxSci has a robust calendaring system complete with methods for fine-grained sharing, notifications, reminders, and access from desktop and mobile devices.

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Video: Widgets and Workspaces Overview

Friday, August 27th, 2010

LuxSci Widgets and Workspaces allow you to create custom, sharable pages in the LuxSci portal. These pages are customizable for widgets needed for certain tasks.

I.e. for a specific project, you may have a Workspace that contains widgets specific to that project: task lists, notes, RSS feeds, a view of an email folder, documents, links, calendars, and even custom third party widgets.

Watch Video: Workspaces and Widgets Overview

Collaborate with Enhanced Notepad Widgets

Friday, November 6th, 2009

LuxSci has expanded the functionality of its Notepad widgets to make them ideal for collaborative editing, especially in the context of shared Workspaces.

The Notepad widget is available to all LuxSci users. It provides a customizable area where you can view and edit notes — in either plain text or using a visual editor with full HTML markup support.  The Notepad widget auto-saves any changes you make to your notes within seconds of your changes — no need to press a “save” button”.  It’s easy – you just type.

So, what’s new?

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Managing Widgets Just Got Easier!

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

LuxSci has just updated the interface for managing your workspaces of widgets.  Previously, there was an “edit mode” where users could add, delete, and re-arrange widgets.  This edit mode has been removed and all edit functions have been merged directly into the normal widget interface, making usage must more fast and natural.

Now, via the pop-up menu available in the right of each widget’s title bar, users can now:

  • Delete the widget (remove it from the interface)
  • Edit the widget’s properties and settings

Additionally, the “Customize Page” link at the top right of the workspace has been converted into a pop-up menu allowing users to:

  • Add new widgets
  • Increase or decrease the number of columns used for displaying widgets
  • Reset the interface to the default set of widgets
  • Get help

Finally, users can now click on the title bar of any widget and drag it to a new position; re-arranging widgets is now very easy.

Coming soon – create and share new widget workspaces! This feature will be available only to users with WebAide licences.

New “Mobile Mode” for PDAs and Smart Phones

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

LuxSci has offered an “Xpress” WebMail portal for many years.  The portal is fast, simple, and works with most devices because it does not use any JavaScript or cookies, and uses few images.  The Xpress portal is good for security, privacy, and access from legacy devices, as well as over very slow connections.

However, the mobile device landscape is quickly changing.  Starting with the iPhone and its full-featured Safari web browser, to the Android, the Palm Pre, and the availability of browsers like OperaMini on many phones, it is now the case that many “cutting edge” phones actually have fast web browsers that fully support JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, and broadband — all the technologies formerly the purview of the desktop.  Their major drawback, however, is still the very small screen. Many of these browsers work perfectly well with most web sites, including LuxSci’s full-featured WebMail portal; however, it can be problematic and painful to use and navigate sites designed for large displays on these device’s small screens.

Enter LuxSci’s new “Mobile Mode”.  Mobile Mode is a new feature of LuxSci’s regular WebMail interface that is available when it detects that you are accessing it using a mobile device, such as an iPhone.

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