The LuxSci FYI Blog Now Allows Comments

Published: February 2nd, 2009

We have opened up the LuxSci FYI Blog to community comments.  We hope to encourage interaction with LuxSci, provide another venue for answering questions and providing useful information to users.

The comments are moderated and you must sign up for an account with the blog to post a comment.  Only comments deemed appropriate and relevant for the blog will be accepted.  Some comments may be responded to offline by LuxSci staff instead of via the blog.  Comments deemed inappropriate may be deleted without response.

Note that the Blog is not the preferred venue for sales or support questions; blog comments may not be responded to immediately or even for days, if at all.  If you have sales questions, we recommend that you Contact Sales directly via phone or email.  If you have support questions, we recommend that you login to the LuxSci WebMail interface and submit a support ticket (under “Help > Support Tickets”).  Contacting us in these ways insure the fastest and most appropriate response to your questions and concerns.

One Response to “The LuxSci FYI Blog Now Allows Comments”

  1. Will Says:

    Thanks for all the posts so far – enjoyable and informative!

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