June 16th, 2007

The Member’s Help and Documentation

LuxSci has made some significant changes in re-organizing its help in order to enable users to find sought-after documentation more easily. These changes include:

  • The main help page display the current most popular help articles
  • There is now a left navigation bar visible on all help pages that includes:
    • Help Search
    • A concise tree of major help areas
    • A list of the recent help documents that you have viewed
    • A list of all help documents that refer to the current document
    • A list of all help documents that the current document references
  • Documents can now exist in multiple categories. All categories in which a document exists are listed across the top so you can easily click to see all documents in those categories.
  • Easy access to a list of all categories and to all articles in each category
  • Separate articles have been created for all FAQs to make it easier to find targeted results to searches and to associate individual FAQs with individual articles.
  • Users can now remove the yellow highlights on search results by clicking on a "Remove Text Highlights" link below the search box.

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