January 14th, 2011

Tight Integration Between Documents WebAides and WebMail

LuxSci has updated its WebMail interface to provide a much tighter integration with its Documents WebAides. In particular, users with a Premium WebAide license can now:

  • Send any email attachment directly to a Documents WebAide from the WebMail message view screens. No need to download and re-upload files.  No need to switch between WebMail and Documents WebAide interfaces.  Its fast and easy: click a link next to the attachment and a small dialog appears where you then select the Documents WebAide to send the file to.
  • Add files from your Documents WebAides to new email messages.  When composing email messages in WebMail, you can now select files from any of your Documents WebAides in the email “Attachments” tab of the composer.  Multiple files from various WebAides can be added with just a few clicks.  Even encrypted files can be decrypted and attached to your email message with a click.

With these updates, Documents WebAides become much easier to use as a central repository of your files.

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