August 29th, 2013

Transactional/Bulk email with ePHI in It? What to do about HIPAA

Case in pointA medical lab that needs/wants to send test results to patients via email.  This is:

  • Bulk email … possibly 100s or 1000s of messages/day
  • Transactional … every message is important and unique.
  • ePHI … every message contains private health information governed by HIPAA

Customers that have approached us looking for solutions for scenarios like this and others (e.g. medical news, appointment updates and reminders, etc.) have had problems managing this kind of electronic messaging because:

  1. Their own ISPs put limits on the maximum number of messages they can send in a day
  2. Most email marketing solutions and bulk mailing solutions do not have a HIPAA bulk email compliance component and thus are completely useless for sending ePHI of any kind.
  3. All messages must be encrypted in a HIPAA compliant way, making in house solutions difficult, especially when combined with #1.

LuxSci Premium High Volume Bulk Emailing

LuxSci’s regular High Volume bulk mailing service allows for sending bulk and/or transactional email in any quantity that our customers may need … from 15,000 messages/month to 10s of millions of messages per month.  However, this baseline bulk mailing solution, like its competitors, does not include HIPAA compliance.

LuxSci’s Premium High Volume bulk mailing service, however, includes:

  1. All of the features and the capacity of regular High Volume email
  2. SecureLine email encryption to ensure the security and compliance of messages sent
  3. Optional HIPAA compliance and signed Business Associate Agreements
  4. Email storage, inbound email, email checking with IMAP/POP
  5. Other advanced email features

Premium High Volume consists of

  • A Premium LuxSci Email Hosting account
  • with SecureLine encryption
  • with Optional HIPAA compliance
  • with special outbound email sending limits permitting bulk mailing
  • with the option of special processing of outbound email (e.g. content scanning, archival, recipient restrictions, etc.)
  • residing on special, separate shared or dedicated servers designed to handle your bulk mailing and encryption needs.
  • special bundled pricing

Please contact LuxSci Sales for more information on Premium High Volume and how it can help you with your ePHI sending needs for HIPAA bulk email.

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